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The Bourne Legacy: Review

Posted by Kenneth Shinozuka on September 7, 2012 at 11:55 PM

The Bourne Legacy

Released: Friday, August 10, 2012

Starring: Jeremy Renner (as Aaron Cross), Rachel Weisz (as Dr. Marta Shearing), Edward Norton (as Eric Byer), David Strathairn (as Noah Vosen), Joan Allen (as Pamela Landy), Zeljiko Ivanev (as Dr. Donald Foite)

Director: Tony Gilroy

Screenwriters: Tony and Dan Gilroy

Rated: PG-13

Rating: 135 minutes

Shaken and Stirred

The first three Bourne films quickly surpassed James Bond to become one of the greatest espionage series of all time, offering kinetic action, briskly paced plots, and a superb Matt Damon as spy-turned-vigilante Jason Bourne. But unlike the title of this mediocre fourth installment, "The Bourne Legacy" discontinues the series' legacy of excellence, meeting only the standards of a typical action film but not the high standards set by the original trilogy. Under the inferior direction of Tony Gilroy, this un-thrilling thriller does not exhibit the qualities that sparked such intrigue in the first three Bourne masterpieces. In an unnecessary attempt to breathe new life into a series that never ran out of breath, the screenplay achieves unoriginality with a protagonist that fails to match the complexity of Jason Bourne, a vapid character performed equally as vapidly by Jeremy Renner, whose decent but spiritless performance does not exude the vivacity nor pierce with the intensity of Damon's depiction of Bourne. With the exception of the riveting action sequences, the screen on your wrist will attract more of your attention than the screen in the theater, especially during the monotonous stretches of narrative that seek to illuminate the disorganized plot. Now, a series that has been reBourne with each installment may finally be drawing its last breaths. 52/100

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